Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Michael Shermer came to Madison tonight to do a lecture about his new book on beliefs and patternicity.  At the end of the lecture, he took audience questions, so I bounded out of my chair to ask him one, thinking I had to take the chance to talk with him while I could.  Then I learned that he would be meeting with people after the lecture, so I went and had him autograph an old edition of his book, "Why People Believe Weird Things".  I also had a few pictures taken with him.  How freaking awesome was that?

But then, I was told that he would go out for a beer with the members of Madison Skeptics, which I belong to, so about 15 of us went out for a beer with him and I got to talk with him longer.

How awesome was that?!?  This, combined with getting on The Atheist Experience, has made for quite a remarkable 2010 already!


  1. Love the blog... I am an Atheist Experience fan myself